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As a leading global industry solution provider in China, LithobuilT(former name LithomelT)has been providing the most cutting-edge products and top technical service for the worldwide customers since last two decades. LithobuilT has built its strong global brand and reputation in the fields of Metallurgy, Water conservancy, Electricity.....
 LithobuilTCompany's major products:Square billet crystallizer、Round billet crystallizer、Slab crystallizer 、Short billet crystallizer、Special-shaped crystallizer、Funnel-shaped slab crystallizer、Flange、Pipe fittings、Conticaster and accessories 、Assembly、Water jacket、Sector section、Refractory、Oxygen lance nozzle......

2015-8-20   1# Copper price RMB 39
2015-8-20  Chinese Currency agains
2015-8-18  Steel price RMB 2270 pe
2015-8-18  Steel price RMB 2270 pe
2015-8-18  1# Copper price RMB 395

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